Natural Movement is a project by Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat, and acknowledged fitness visionary.


Natural Movement® is a health & fitness discipline based on the overall practice of natural human movement skills. It was defined and popularized by Erwan Le Corre as early as 2008. It encompasses the skills of breathing, ground movement, walking, running, jumping, vaulting, balancing, crawling, climbing, swimming, (and related aquatic skills), lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and self-defense skills such as striking and grappling.



 The primary goal of Natural Movement is to reset people in their original – i.e evolutionary and biological movement behavior – in order to foster, restore and/or maintain health, fitness, well-being, happiness, and even a sense of freedom.
Secondly to equip people with the movement skills and overall physical competency required for practical situations of the real-life that demand a physical response. Such competency is timeless, and the individuals who possess it are strong in a way that is useful to themselves, others and the community.
Last, Natural Movement is also a mindful practice emphasizing awareness, body-mind connection, as well as a connection with Nature, and the respect of it.
In a nutshell, Natural Movement contributes to the self-actualization of people so they can enjoy a greater quality of life. 

Expanding upon Movement.

Natural Movement will be a return to personal, one on one teaching for Mr. Le Corre. As he sees it, true life fitness is more than just a capable body or fluency in methods of movement. It is a lifestyle. Erwan will use Natural Movement as a way to not only teach the MovNat method to individuals, but to expand on traditional notions of fitness and include his teachings, personal philosophies, and insights into a life well lived.

Reground Your Movement. Reground Yourself.


  Yes, it is actually useful. If a movement isn’t helpful in everyday life, we are not very interested in it. From carrying the groceries to fleeing from danger, our movements are based on need.

  Movement depends on context. This is essential. All of our movement aptitudes are based on interaction with specific and ever changing environments and situations. Learning to adapt is what MovNat is all about.

  We practice efficiency in all things. The movement aptitudes practiced are performed skillfully, i.e., with efficient technique, resulting in greater performance, higher energy conservation and safety.

  The movements help keep us safe. They are useful in times of emergency.

The movement aptitudes are practiced in order to acquire and maintain a near equalized, well-rounded skill set and conditioning level.

  Movement is instinctual. Technique is not. While nobody starts from scratch, we learn technique so we can turn instinct into ability.

  We are naturally social creatures. We teach in a group environment based on support. Our movement principles can help a group accomplish what no individual is capable of. Practice can be done alone or with others – but the intent is social.

  The movement aptitudes are regularly practiced outdoors in order to maximize health benefits and increase well-being and connection with nature.

  The way we move has not changed. Our health is tied to moving as we, the human species, always has..

Movement belongs to every human being regardless of origin, gender or age.

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