April 25-29 2022


Yelapa, Mexico





5-day breathing, breath-holding, meditation, movement, and lectures retreat,  "HOLD YOUR BREATH!" is a very unique learning experience that will enable you to discover and harness an UNTAPPED physical and mental POTENTIAL you never knew you had. Beyond being a health and fitness retreat, this is a Personal Transformation event. You will achieve more than holding your breath for several minutes, you will achieve an improved version of who you are, of how you see and live your life.
During this unique retreat you will:
Reset and boost your cellular respiration as well as rewire your nervous system, bringing energy levels, positivity, and focus to your day-to-day life that you've never experienced before.
Discover practical methods to release anxiety and negativity while soothing your emotional brain and that will enable you to experience profound states of relaxation. Moreover, you will learn how to reproduce the same relaxed state on your own.
Acquire an in-depth understanding of the physiological and neurological impact of breathing, breath-holding, and mindfulness.
Break a personal record for the longest time you've ever held your breath for!



Erwan performing a static breathhold and quietly surfacing with a smile on his face after 6 minutes spent immersed in water. His personal best is currently at 7 minutes.

Never train breathholding in the water without qualified supervision.


This retreat includes 5 full days of instruction and practice, 6 hours a day, separated into two sessions of 3 hours each. It is for everyone and anyone seeking:

  • The optimization of their physiological health through the self-regulation of breathing patterns both during practice and after practice.
  • The improvement of their mental clarity and emotional well-being.
  • The enhancement of their sports/fitness/athletic performance.
  • The acquisition of essential conceptual knowledge on a complex, fundamental and fascinating topic.
  • The mastery of meditation in a new and powerfully effective way.

There are no pre-requisites for this course. However for optimum effectiveness of the practice you ideally want to have the ability to fast for a few hours during the day, or at least to be able to eat very light for part of the day.



-Breathing practice using varied techniques
-Fundamental ground Natural Movement practice with a strong emphasis on breathing and thoracic-spine mobility.
-Meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques.
-Breath-holding protocols including mostly dry (on land) static drills on both full and empty lungs, as well as swimming-pool drills.
-non-nerdy keynote style lectures about the physiological, neurological, and physio-psychological aspects of breathing and breathholding. In other words some cool, fascinating scientific stuff!


The practice is designed to be always:

Safe. Progressive. Enjoyable.

Your instructor

Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat,  "Godfather of Natural Movement" and author of "The Practice of Natural Movement" book will be your exclusive teacher during this retreat. You can learn more about Erwan here.

Shane DeMeulenaere

"I was blown away by the effects of Erwan's teaching. In literally less than 30 minutes of instruction, he helped me to double my personal best breath-hold time, and also to experience a state of deep peace and joy in the process. I highly recommend." - Shane

Yelapa village

Yelapa is a small, beautiful, peaceful, and very safe fisherman village on the Pacific littoral of the Jalisco state near Puerto Vallarta. The village is only accessible by boat, there are no roads wide enough for cars and everything is within walking distance.


The PuraVida Eco-Resort

Amazing view on the ocean, pure fresh air, surrounded by lush nature, no road or cars...an amazing getaway place to both learn new and exciting things with also plenty of time to just relax!  What's also amazing?  A rather large swimming pool filled with OCEAN WATER! Unbelievably natural and healthy for static breath-holding practice.

Accommodation is included (shared room with up to 3 people, open-air style with only three walls allowing for a view of the ocean and jungle, offering security, privacy, and fresh unpolluted air) as well as 3 buffet-style meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  
All options are possible, Paleo diet, Keto diet, Carnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan, with a seafood option, GMO-free, gluten-free, sugar-free.

Amenities and services available on-site: Kitchen, dining room, Juice bar with smoothies and raw treats (purchases are extra, not included in 3 meals per day), unlimited filtered spring water, tea, coffee, heated ocean water infinity pool, hot tub/Watsu pool, Spa treatments, Temazcal sweat lodge, cinema room, library, ping-pong table.  A large outdoor yoga terrace with a fantastic view and yoga mats, blocks, meditation cushions, and blankets available.

NOT INCLUDED: transportation to and from the PuraVida Eco-resort.


-Comfortable clothing for moving in the outdoors (e.g. shorts, T-shirts, etc.)
-A notebook and a pen or pencil.
-Smartphone and headset (we'll occasionally use a timer app to individualize levels of practice)
-A sleeping mask..
-A rash guard (or a wetsuit of any type as long as you feel comfortable in it) if it makes you more comfortable in the water.
-Non-toxic sun lotion.


Immediately upon booking, participants will receive an email with all the important practical information and details for preparing your trip. The only requirement to enter Mexico is a valid passport and an antigen test (simplest, fastest, cheapest Covid-19 test) obtained less than 72 hours before your arrival.

If you have any questions before registering do not hesitate to reach out to us by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Ready to dive into the journey within?

"What you possess within matters more than what you own outside. Experience and knowledge that you assimilate is more valuable than material things that you accumulate. The latter increase what you have, the former expand who you are. " ~ Erwan Le Corre



April 25-29 2022



Participants will be granted FREE access to Erwan's Breathing & Breathholding e-course upon release.



Questions about the HOLD YOUR BREATH retreat? Drop us a line!