You don’t have to be fit to move. 

 You have to move
to be fit.

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Natural Movement is your birthright.

Do you remember what it felt like to move freely and easily? Do you remember being a child crawling, jumping and climbing obstacles in your way and running with the wind in your hair without a care in the world?

Here is the secret – that feeling isn’t meant to change as you grow up. You are meant to be strong, healthy, happy, and free. You start life this way, and you are meant to stay this way. But most of us have forgotten this. Most of us have settled down to work behind a computer and completely forsaken our Natural Movement. This is where we come in. The practice of Natural Movement can restore exactly what has been lost.

Regular Fitness doesn't work for you.
We know.

But I am totally out of shape!

That is not a problem. As we always say – you don’t have to be fit to move – you have to move to be fit. You can start this program from any level of fitness. You can start this anywhere and anytime.

I hate everything I tried

We don’t blame you. Most fitness programs miss the point. They make working out into a chore. This isn’t like that. Natural Movement is what you were meant to do, not what you’ve been told to do.

This isn’t a product.

We are not selling you some equipment for your home. We are giving you knowledge that you will acquire and assimilate into your life. Quite simply – it becomes part of who you are.

We get it.

We get it. You are not in shape, you have tried many things and maybe bought some exercise equipment that you’ve never used. You have been left confused, disappointed or even frustrated by it all. Yet you still want to enjoy movement again, learn something new and get healthier and stronger than ever in the process.

This is what movement is all about. It isn’t about making some pose in the mirror that makes you look good. It’s about doing things. It’s about getting up pain free and moving through your day with ease. It is about making your body capable in the real-world. It is about playing with your kids. It’s about practicing your favorite sports. It is about living a great life. Your body connects to your mind when something is at stake – and right now what is at stake – is you.

You can do this.
You can become physically capable.

How do wild animals become and stay fit? They move the way nature intends for their own species. Why on Earth should it be any different for us humans?
Natural Movement is our original physical behavior, our universal ability to move.  All you need is a starting point that is neither too hard or too easy, a guiding method that ensures effective and safe progress while making you the most efficient and confident you’ve ever been.

Learn from the guy who taught everyone else.

Erwan Le Corre started this Natural Movement trend. He started 

MovNat. He literally wrote the book. He’s the guy you want to learn from. 

And he’s the only guy who teaches here.

Take a Natural Movement class

Ready to enjoy movement again, strengthen and heal your body and become physically capable?


The long-awaited reference work for Natural Movement by Erwan Le Corre is finally coming out December 25th.

If you change how you move, you change. Movement is one of those things that affects your entire life. Every part.

- Erwan Le Corre

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