3 Day Intensive “Strong By Nature” Workshop

3 Day Intensive “Strong By Nature” Workshop


Nature is where we all come from, what we are all made of. It is in every part of your physical makeup, in each of your cells. This is not a romantic idea, but a scientific fact, a biological reality. The more you align with natural laws and the more you thrive in your life. 

This workshop is meant to have you reconnect with both the nature that surrounds you and the nature within yourself

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Natural Movement is an important part of the daily behavior of truly healthy individuals. When done in complete immersion in the elemental energies of the pristine nature of Kauai - pure air, light, sun, rain, wind, ocean, mountain, forest, plants, earth - the health benefits are enormous. Your energy levels will be raised to levels you’ve never experienced before.

In this 3 day workshop, I will share with you the principles, mindset, and practice that keep me strong, healthy, happy and free. Each day will be split between morning and afternoon sessions for a total of 6 hours of practice a day. 

I will seamlessly blend instruction in natural movement efficiency* with continuous with periods of continuous movement, bouts of intensity, adaptable routes in nature, all interspersed with and lifestyle insights. 

Over the years, I have developed a truly unique teaching style blending precise instruction and impeccable, repeated demonstrations, frequent change in movement patterns and alternation in intensity levels (ranging from very gentle to very intense), elements of surprise*, toughness, humor and fun. Depending on the person and situation, I will be either gentle with you or tough on you. Through the practice you will feel your body becoming more nimble, agile, and strong, your mind more focused, alert, secure, and relaxed. All will be pushed, all will learn a lot, all will become stronger, healthier, happier and more free as a result. 

You will not get back to “reality” when you come back from this trip, you will get back to reality when you enter this workshop. The reality is that you are meant to shine with strength, health, happiness. The reality is that you are meant to be radiant and strong so you can be free, and free to be who you choose to be and achieve what you truly want in your life. If you have too long forgotten and discarded such reality, this learning experience is for you. Come relearn, reconnect, and become strong by nature.

*Every session will cover a variety of fundamental movement techniques and variations with a great emphasis on mindfulness, breath, position, stability, and relaxation. The movement skills taught involve breathing, ground movement (crawling, kneeling, sitting, get-ups), gait (walking, running), balancing, jumping and manipulative skills (lifting, carrying, throwing, catching). 

*the goal is to break your addition to predictability and routines, and to make you physically and mentally more adaptable and resilient).

If you are MovNat certified, or have attended a multi-day workshop with MovNat or Erwan in the past, reach out to us before booking to get a special rate. The price includes instruction only. You are responsible for your own accommodation, food, and transportation. There are many options on Kauai. 

(subject to change depending on weather or other considerations).

Morning session: 9am-12pm

Lunch break: 12pm-3pm. Everyone spend that time the way they want (without me around).

Afternoon session: 3pm-6pm. 

Sessions start and finish on time. I give all my energy during each session but I don’t hang out at the end. 6 hours a day is plenty to learn, ask questions and share time together.

Location: beach or forest. Precise location will be communicated in due time, but it most likely to be around Poipu on the south side of the island.

Physical prerequisites: we will train on the beach, but also in the forest. If you are not able to hike on steep terrain or jog 2-3 miles at a decent pace, this workshop is not for you.

Mental prerequisites: an open mind, a cooperative mindset with the group, the desire to self-empower and share the moment with people who are seeking the same.


About Erwan: 

Erwan is the founder of world-renowned Natural Movement system MovNat, a fast-growing movement and fitness program.

His work has been extensively covered by prominent media outlets including feature-length articles in Outside Mag, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and many others.

Erwan has trained Navy Seals Special Forces and is currently training top-ranking MMA fighter and current UFC belt challenger Carlos Condit.

He is also one of the main characters in New-York-Times best-seller author Christopher McDougall’s latest novel “Natural Born Heroes.”

From Carlos Condit

“I am blown away at the progress I’ve made since starting my MovNat training with Erwan Le Corre. And with that progress has come major improvements in many aspects of my martial arts practice. On top of that my body feels better than it ever has, and after 13+ years fighting professionally, that’s saying something!” Carlos Condit, top-ranking MMA fighter in the UFC. (PHOTO)


“Being fit isn’t about being able to lift a steel bar or finish an Iron-man,” Erwan said. “It’s about discovering our biological nature and releasing the wild animal inside.”

"Erwan, in fact, could be one of the best living examples of what our bodies were originally designed to do. “Versatility was absolutely the key to survival, because early humans had to be ready for anything at any time,” explains E. Paul Zehr, Ph.D, a neuroscience and kinesiology professor at the University of Victoria who examined human biomechanics potential in his book Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero."

"In a magical three and a half minutes called “The Workout the World Forgot,” Erwan makes a devastating case for ancestral fitness - and he does it without saying a single word."