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The Pledge

We are meant to be strong, healthy, happy and free. This is our natural design. This is our true nature. But is it everyone’s reality? Do we all feel this way? 
Most importantly, what prevents us from retaining this birthright?
The answer is simple. It is called “NORMALCY.” Modern, artificial lifestyles go unquestioned, yet they make us weak, unhealthy, unhappy, and restrict us. 
Normalcy is not your friend. Normalcy is a silent killer.

There is no longer time for politically correct: modern populations have become physically degenerated and mentally depressed. We need a change of mindset and a change of habits. We need principles and action.

No political party, government, institution or organization will come up with a program, take us by the hand and guide us through the process our individual empowerment requires. But that's good news. Nothing compares to liberty.

The Natural Movement Pledge is a simple idea: no change is possible without personal commitment. The Natural Movement Pledge is a solemn promise to yourself that today is the day your re-empowerment starts. It is not just about committing to doing something. It is about committing to being someone. Committing to being the strongest, healthiest, happiest and freest version of yourself you’ll ever be and for as long as you can. By becoming the most self-actualized person you can be, you will inspire and support people around you, your family, your friends and neighbors, your community, your country, and by extension, to the Natural World, and Spirit.

This website is dedicated to supporting you with insights, information, tips, encouragements, inspiration.

Ready to take the pledge? No signature needed. Take it nowhere else but in your heart and spirit. Done? Voila.

If you don’t empower yourself, who will? 



If you don't empower yourself...

Who will?"

 - Erwan Le Corre

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